Localization & Direct Grant Awards

valued at 1 million Qatari Riyals!

The Mada Innovation Award is a first of its kind award that is aimed to reward innovative solution that promotes accessibility and enhances the lives of users with disabilities.

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Direct Grant Awards

Direct Grant Awards

This stream is designed for creating opportunities for new innovative entities who already have a “Proven Concept” for their AT product or service to establish themselves in the market. Applicants selected for this stream will be provided with a grant through MADA Innovation Program to develop the proposed product/service concept to cater towards the local and Arab market.



Localizing is conducted mainly to support Arabic inclusive solutions for PwDs and all. This stream is targeted towards international established entities who already have an existing product/service relevant to ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technology that are looking into Arabic localization of their product.

Mada Hackathon

Mada Hackathon

The ‘Mada Hackathon’, is a uniquely designed competition from Challenge to Prototype in 48 Hours that focuses on individuals and teams of designers, teachers, academics, students, software developers and the best-in-class innovators to develop an Accessible Open Educational Resources in Arabic language based on the Mada open-access resources: Tawasol Symbols, Unified Arabic Braille, Buhamad Sign Language Interpreter Avatar.

Vision, Mission & Our Goals


  1. Open Call for Submissions


    Registration for participation in Mada Innovation Award is to take place online by providing all necessary information using the form.

  2. Submission Deadline


    Mada Innovation Award Committee will stop receiving applications by September 30, 2023

  3. Technical Evaluation


    Phase 1: Preliminary evaluation of all submissions. Only accepted applicants will be notified about Phase 2.

  4. Pitching Phase

    29/10/2023 - 05/11/2023

  5. Final Evaluation

    06/11/2023 - 16/11/2023

    The jury evaluate the final shortlisted applications.

  6. Mada Innovation Day – Announcement of Winner


Application Criteria

  • The contestant (or the team or organization) fills in all the details on the competition website at this link: https://award.mada.org.qa
  • The contestant (or the team or organization) will add all the details in the application form available on the competition site, taking care to provide all the required information.
  • The contestant (or the team or organization) receives electronic notification of the receipt of his participation.
  • The contestants who pass the preliminary review will only be notified regarding the presentation and pitching phase. He can also see the instructions of the members of the jury to remedy the shortcomings that can be recorded in his nomination file and re-send back the requirement of not exceeding statutory deadlines.

The Jury – Mada Innovation Awards 2023

Mada assigns the Jury for the Mada Innovation Awards. The committee will include experts in ICT accessibility specialists, University faculties and entrepreneurship specialists.

Nada Al-Olaqi
Nada Al-Olaqi
Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council, Qatar

Dr. Dena Al Thani
Dr. Dena Al Thani
HBKU, Qatar

Mahmoud Al Mahmoud
Bedaya Center, Qatar

Eman Al-Kuwari
Eman Al-Kuwari
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Qatar

Steve Mackey
SoutienGroup, Qatar

Amnah Mohammed Al-Mutawaa
Amnah Mohammed Al-Mutawaa
Mada Center, Qatar

Dr. Oussama
Dr Oussamma Ghoul
Mada Center, Qatar

Dr. Thoufeeq
Dr. Tawfiq Al-Hadrami
University of Nottingham Trent, United Kingdom

Musa bin Sa'eed bin Barghoush Al-Amri
Musa Al-Amri
3D Factory, Sultanate of Oman

Farah Barika Ktata
Dr. Farah Barika Ktata
University of Sousse, Tunisia


Dr. Zainab Al Meraj
Dr. Zainab Al Meraj
Kuwait University, Kuwait

bilel amri
Bilal Al-Amri
Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science – ALECSO, Tunisia

Maryam Yousuf Al-Jabir
Maryam Yousuf Al-Jabir
Mada Center, Qatar

Dr. Soojin Jang
Dr. Soojin Jang
Mada Center, Qatar

Apply for Mada Innovation Award

The Mada Innovation Award will be announced through a campaign, followed with open call period and announcement on Mada Innovation day.

Contact us

Telephone: 0097444594098
Email: innovation@mada.org.qa